Chic Turban styles for Hijabista Woman

   Here we go again dear folks. In this Hijab Fashion blog post we will feature 7 Chic Turban Styles that every Hijabista should try herself in home with a simple easy tutorial to accomplish the task.

   Some of the suggested Turban styles doesn't need even the use of pins, all you have to add is a beautiful pair of necklaces and voila ! No more bad hair allowed, just a beautiful turban look that every fashionista deserves.

1) Elegant and Simple Turban Style Hijab 

The Hijabista's above are both wearing a simple but elegant Turban Hijab style. The beige color is also a wise choice that make those turbans looks even more elegant.

2) Double Strand Turban Style 

Nabila Bee the famous hijabista blogger is wearing a very beautiful Double Strand Turban Style that you can try it yourself. You can follow her on Instagram by clicking the following link.

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