2014 Hijab Trends - Hijab chic

The year 2014 is almost very close , and it's the right time to take a look at the main trends of Hijab during this year, so let's do a quick overview of the main combinations , that will inspire you to be more elegant .

N° 1 :

Here is the famous Hijab style is the blazer who wins this year , in fact, wearing a blazer , especially black , pink or green , with a hijab adds a touch of elegance to your outfit.

hijab trends 2014

 N° 2 : 

Alvina is still a leader in Turkish hijab, in 2014, the hijab and dresses look very trendy especially by combining with an intelligent manner colors , example here of black and green that are very well matched.

hijab trends 2014

N° 3 :  

It has no right to neglect our bags , in fact, held a modern Hijab never passes without accessories , the bag is the most important of them , in fact , bags of brown or beige color are very suitable for all Hijab outfits , example here of a black dress and a beige top, that are stunnig !

hijab trends 2014